Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mandy's Quilt [Simple Chevron] Tutorial

My sweet friend Mrya asked me for the pattern for this quilt.  I figured it would make a good tutorial for y'all :)

This quilt is really simple.  I have used this technique on several previous quilts.  You can check them out HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREHERE HERE.  The first two links are exactly the same as Mandy's quilt.  The last two are the same block, they are just set on point.

For this tutorial, I will be sharing the "not on point" version ;)

First things first, every quilt must begin with a little bit of graph paper and what I call a "map."  Here is my "map" for this quilt.

There is a basic premise to this type of quilt.  Your blocks need to be square and you need at least 2 different fabrics.  If you want your chevron to show up, you will need the fabrics to have a good contrast or a good difference in value.  I tend to use white for my chevron.

You can see in this quilt, I used multiple prints to make up each square block.  All of the strips in this quilt are 2.5" wide.

In this quilt I used wider white and narrower print fabric. (and it's on point)

For Mandy's quilt, here are my measurements:
White- 3" x 8.5"
Prints- 6" x 8.5"
Makes an 8.5" block :)

I used a 7 x 9 block layout for a total of 63 blocks for Mandy's quilt.

Now, I ended up strip piecing this.  I needed 16 strip sets.  So here are my strip piecing measurements:
White- 16 strips 3" by wof
Prints- 16 strips 6" by wof

Here comes the fun part.  Sew a white strip to a print fabric and press :)  Next, sub cut all of the strip sets into 8.5" blocks.  Ta da!!!

For the layout, I always follow my "map."  There will actually only be two ways the blocks will be placed.  The white stripe will be either on the top or the bottom, consistently and the other will be either on the left or the right, consistently.  So, the first block in the first row should be placed with the white stripe on the bottom.  The second block will be placed with the white stripe on the right.  The third, with the white stripe on the bottom and so on across the row.  For the next row, you do the opposite.

Can you see the placement in the quilt below?

If I add borders, I usually do them in the same color as the non print fabric (always white in my case).

For Mandy's quilt, I added a 6" white border.

Did I forget anything?  Anything else you would like to know?

Good luck!!



  1. Yowza! Love the tutorial and great inspirational ideas! Thanks for taking the time to share. =)


  2. Yahoo!!! Thanks Marion!!! You're the best!!! :) I really appreciate it!!!


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