Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hexed by Peeps

I have a confession.... I LOVE Peeps, you know, the marshmallow chicks and bunnies.

They have always been my FAVORITE Easter candy :)

A few weeks ago, while Emily and I were on a visit to Thimbles & Threads in Draper, Utah, we saw that they had glittery Peep fabric :)  I didn't buy any that day, but when we went back this past Thursday, I just had to get some :)

I wasn't sure what in the world I would do with them, but then the idea struck.  How about a LARGE hexy quilt with other awesome pink and yellow fabric?  Em and I scoured the clearance room at Thimbles & Threads and found the perfect coordinating fabrics.  I also bought the JayBirds Hex N More Ruler.   (Emily said it was well worth the $$).

Thursday night I was at home trying to think of what neutrals I could throw into the quilt.  Suddenly I remembered that I have PINK, WHITE AND YELLOW chenille fabric :)  PERFECT!! :)

I woke up early Friday morning with the idea that it would be AWESOME to complete a WHOLE quilt in one day :)

I started out cutting these into the 8- 1/2 " hexies.
Aren't they cute?

Next comes the sewing into rows.

I sewed 8 hexies down and 10 rows across.

I sewed the rows together in pairs, and then the pairs into the whole top.
"Y" seams are my friends.  "Y" seams are my friends.  "Y" seams are my friends.

Isn't it pretty :) Maggie's Classy Hooch Press ROCKS!!!

For the binding, I wanted something that had a little pop to it. ...and maybe was the same color as a Peep ;)

This Michael Miller Happy Tones aqua was perfect.

The colors are so sweet :)

I need me some Peeps!


For the back, I used some vintage lavender gingham fabric from my friends grandmothers attic :)

(I really like this quilt)

The pinked edge was nice and easy.

I even forgot to cut the binding on the bias :o

For the quilting I attempted the pebble in pebble fmq from Natalia Bonner's Beginners Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.

I had a hard time getting into the rhythm of it, so I periodically switched to other fmq motifs :)  A little loopy fmq, a few swirls and even some random wavy lines.

I really never make holiday quilts, but I surely had to make and exception for the over the top, super COOL Peep fabric :)

So, did I make the WHOLE quilt in one day?  Sadly, no. :(  I had to go to a church party (which was AWESOME) and at 11 pm my eyes started to cross so the last side of binding had to wait until Saturday morning :(

The quilt is 60" x 69"


  1. Super cute. I love peeps too.

  2. Holy cow! You are fast. Love the hexagon quilt. It makes me want to break out mine and start working on it again. I love your quilt, but sadly do not love peeps. I hope we can still be friends....

  3. Great colours. Lovely bright and happy. With these giant hexagons are you paper piecing them, or going free for all?

  4. That's awesome Marion. Way awesome. :)

  5. You are nuts, you realize that, right? ;)

    Love the quilt! So bright and spring-y.

  6. I love the Peeps fabric and that feather fabric as well. I'm not big on buying novelty holiday prints, but I would have definitely made the exception if I had come across the Peeps fabric. Let's just say I may have a little addiction problem with those puffy sugared yellow Peeps (and I may also have an addiction to those litle mini chocolate cadbury eggs - is it normal to eat a whole bag in one sitting:) Anyway love the quilt and the great use of a novelty fabric.

  7. I'm no fan of peeps, but this quilt is adorable. The colors are awesome, and I'm extremely partial to hexies. Snowflakes fit perfect inside them!

  8. Great use of color. The tones, shades, and distributions are so well balanced. Nice work! Love this quilt.

  9. Great quilt Marion - I love hexies. Been working on smaller ones but I may have to break out and try some bigger ones!


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