Saturday, March 2, 2013

Medallion Center Complete

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(If you are jumping into this project late, you can read more about it HERE)

My medallion quilt will be mainly green and white with a splash of pink here and there :)
[I LOVE that color combination!!!]

First I trimmed my monogram to be 11" square. 
[Kona White for the background]

A texty pink plays nicely as my first 1" border.

For my final border for the center I used my 
favorite fabric of ALL TIME!!!

Several years ago I fell in love with a bedding set at Pottery Barn.  I LOVE toile and pink and green.  It was a match made in heaven.  I bought the duvet and sheet set.  My world was complete :)

At some point during the past year of manic quilt making, I decided I really needed a new bed spread, so I started to collect green and white fabric to make myself a quilt.

[As you may remember, I jumped on the IG #scrappytripalong bandwagon and made me a king sized one of those for my bed blogged HERE)]

Wait, I've gotten off track.  Well, the duvet that I LOVE could not just be tossed to the side?  NO!!!  It will be perfect for something but what?  Heck, it's the perfect size for a quilt back, if nothing else!

WELL, GUESS WHAT???  Since I have this Medallion Challenge AND a huge stack of green and white fabric AND a whole wonderful duvet made with the most perfect fabric, I decided to marry them all into my Modern Quilt Group Medallion Quilt 

[As it turns out, it's alright to have two (or seven) 
quilts for ones own bed ;)]

By using the old duvet for my new quilt I am tapping into the most basic and pure form of quilt making.  My quilting ancestors are smiling down on me :)

PS- Did I already tell you that each border on my medallion quilt is going to represent a member of my family?  Pretty slick, eh?

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