Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Defeat? ...not quite ;D

This retro flower quilt might be the death of me ;)  I have no patience for a slow going project.  It is actually probably good for me to have something that takes a while to do :)
Yesterday I made my last teacher appreciation zippered pouch.  Here are the plethora of photos-
This was my Raggedy Ann doll from when I was a little girl..
It still scares me ;D

Look! It has ears!

I filled the bag with snickers bars!

Yesterday, I was able to sew and press all of the Retro Flower quilt 3-1/2 inch blocks.  
PILES and piles of them!

Last night I was also able to get a few trimmed, but not too many :(

I woke up today feeling like I would probably NEVER be able to get them all trimmed... I was wrong :)

I trimmed ALL day long and I even sewed 4 flowers blocks together!

...and one lone petal...

I also began to sew some more of the petals together.  Here are the lovely chains :)

Tomorrow I believe that I may get the whole thing finished... probably ;D

PS- I am linking this post up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict WHOOP WhOOP!!


  1. Your flowers look fab! I love the chain piecing photo :)

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I love he chain pieced garlands to. They make me so happy :)


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