Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday Update...

I'd post this late tonight, but I've got a hot date in the works ;)
So, Corrine's quilt was a bit trickier to get off the ground than I had thought.  I forgot that I did not have the outer border on it, so I needed to press the border fabric and figure out how wide they needed to be.  Once that was done, I realized that the backing should probably be pre-washed as it it BLACK!  I rubbed a damp piece of fabric on it and some black came off :(  Into the washer it went.  While it was washing, I made this for my friend Marianne's birthday.

 I REALLY like it and I hope she will too.  We are having lunch tomorrow to celebrate our birthdays.  We are just a week apart in age.  The funny thing is that our oldest daughters are almost the exact same age too :)

Once the quilt back was out of the dryer and pressed I realized that it now is just BARELY big enough :p  I had to piece it with a seam up the middle :p to spare any extra width.  This actually worked out well as the pattern matched pretty well.  I guess we will all have to live with the seam in the least bestest spot ;)
Here is the back pinned to the floor...

 Here is a shot of the bat and top rolled up waiting to get spread on the backing...
 I forgot to take a picture with everything pinned to the the floor and the quilt basted, but here it is basted and un-pinned from the floor ;D

I started to quilt straight way, but soon needed to get ready for my HOT date ;D  This is what it looks like all heaped around my sewing machine waiting for me to come back and sew!
 If you look close, you can see a little quilting in there :)
Happy Wednesday night!  I am off to have a BLAST!!!

Oh WAIT!!!  Just as I pressed "publish" my boys came in with this box from the UPS guy.... could it be another present?!  Whooppiee it is!!!  This one is from my AMAZING sister Alyson who lives in Seattle :)

It is from Williams-Sonoma and it smells SO wonderful!  There is lavender, Santa Cruz oregano, sage and rosemary.  BEST DaY EVER!!! :)

PS- I am linking this post up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict WHOOP WhOOP!!
and Crazy Mom Quilts finish it up Friday!!!


  1. Love the gift you made your friend. You made it so fast! I've been machine quilting too. Can't wait to get it done!

    1. Hi Rosemary! Thank you :) This pattern is REalLy fast! It only takes about 20-30 minutes to make. The longest part is picking the fabric ;) Too many cute fabric, so little time!

  2. Your pouch looks awesome! I still admire how can you quilt such big quilts on such a small machine! Amazing! Hope you had a good time on your HOT date! :) Ooooooh :)

    1. You are so sweet, Kati! It's really not too bad on my machine. I just have to remind myself to chill out a TON as I go ;)
      And, yes, I had a great time on my hot date ;) My hubby is very sweet to me and we have a GREAT time together. I even had to go to a meeting in the middle of our date and he didn't care :) He's a great guy. I am so lucky!

  3. I am so glad that you love your gift and that is smells amazing too!! You deserve something nice with all your sewing. And BTW-I am so amazed with all your quilting. I cannot believe what you have done. I wish I could catch the sewing are just so talented with crotcheting (st??) and now quilting. Wow!!

    1. I do love my swag... wreath... herbs ;) I used it in a marinade last night and it was spectacular!!! Thank you again! Xoxoxo


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