Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilt Update :)

Tuesday was my second oldest daughters graduation from High School :)  It was a very busy day so no quilting, that I can remember, just laundry and partying :)  Wednesday was MORE laundry and putting together the quilt for my church leader.  I trimmed all of the blocks to be the same size.  I added borders to make some of them the same size.  I trimmed the sashing and made the backing :)  I sewed up the top and the back too.  Today I got up and after all of the regular daily stuff, went over to the church at 9:45am to set up the quilt for it's big stitch quilting with the other ladies of my church.  A super big thanks to Annette for sticking with me for virtually the WHOLE day. She finally went to rescue her hubby or the grand kids, depending on how you look at it, at about 6:45pm.  I really couldn't have done it with out her support..and know how, and quilting and patience!  You'll have to ask her some time about grave digging and fighting off a cow in a battle for apples!  Thanks to Konda for bringing the batting and sticking around for some super fun quilting.  It was a super fun surprise to see Sue and April pop in for quilting and chatting, even though they don't go to my particular church ;D  And mostly, THANK you to the women of our church who made AMAZING blocks with LOVE and thoughtfulness, but also spent their precious time with us today quilting.  WOW and WHOO HOO!!!  Our stake president (mormon lingo for the area leader of our church) is going to LOVE it!!!  So now for the picture :)  You know that I took WAY too many!!!
The top laying on the floor before we got it up on the frame.

The back lying on the floor.

A shot from the bottom :)

Trudy playing peek a boo with me :)

Here are a few from the bottom .  If you looks closely, you can see needles coming through the quilt :)

I was going for this shot with the light coming from the top.

Adding just a few more special touches at the end.
I have the quilt at home so I can add the binding tomorrow.  We are going to give it to him on Sunday :D

Have a GREAT Friday!!!


  1. That is such a WONDERFUL quilt! And it was such a WONDERFUL idea! Yay for all of you!!! It looks awesome! Your Stake President will LOVE it!

    1. This was SO much fun!!! We need to get together to quilt and chat over a charity quilt some day :)

  2. Wow, nice work Marion! It's a pretty neat looking quilt! Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation! :)

    1. I can't believe she is graduated! man does the time go by FAST!!!


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