Sunday, May 27, 2012


Tonight we gave President Willardson his very special quilt.  Here are the pictures...
Nadine and I holding up the quilt in a quilt "pre" shot.

Me leading President Willardson into the room with the quilt and all of the ladies.

"What is going on?"

the quilt and his GIANT card(on the right)

A shot of his GIANT card open :)

It was REALLY wonderful to give this to him.  He cried, we cried!  He said he was going to go home and put it right on his bed :)


  1. Whoop! Whoop! How great is that!?! I'm so glad he loved it. How could he not? Man, that kind of quilt is the best!

    1. He really did. I met with him tonight and he mentioned again how much he loves it :)

  2. Wow, what a moment! I'm so glad he liked the quilt, I can imagine how much love went into making it! You look really pretty on the pictures Marion!

    1. You are SO sweet, Kati! We really had a wonderful time. He is a great and sweet man :)


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