Thursday, May 31, 2012

WIP Thursday????

I'm a little late for WIP Wednesday, oh well :D
I forgot to post the new $29 kit from Morganson's Stitches & Sew Forth :)  It's BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to cut into it :)  Also, they are shipping their kits each month :)  Be sure to call them if you are interested :) THIS is their blog.  Here is the quilt...

Becky does an AWESOME job with design and fabric choices :)  Here are the fabrics for next month :)
ALSO, I can't believe I forgot to post this, but I WON Emily Herrick's new book Geared for Guys!!!
I wanted it SO bad and I did from the WONDERFUL April at Making Ends Meet.  You can read the funny story about how I won on her blog HERE.
I think that is all...  WAIT!  I taught my first FMQ class last night :)  It was super fun!  Whoo Hoo!!!
So, now for what I did yesterday sewing-wise amid the dishes and house work!
The quilts for the girls who moved are coming along nicely.  I got the tops made and one basted for quilting. As soon as I press "publish" I am off to baste the second one ;D  I am toying with the idea of machine stitching the binding on totally.  I am not sure and have not decided yet.  My top stitching has gotten MUCH better, but I still LOVE to hand bind... Oh the dilemma!  Here are the pics of the tops... One basted one not...
 Rachel is more of a tomboy and loves red.  The minky on the back is red and the binding will be red gingham, courtesy of April :)
 This one is for Heidi and she is ALL princess.  Her favorite color is pink, of course and her minky will be "PINK! ...of course, with pink gingham binding...on the bias, of course... are you sick of "..." and "of courses?"

WAIT!!!  I also made this skirt for my daughter..

"Are you taking a picture of my face?"
Anyhoots, I used THIS as my inspiration, I think :(  I can't remember where I got the idea last week, but this website is pretty close.  I did not do more than the circumference of her hips.  The fabric is VERY stretchy! It is SUPER simple but not super easy.  I am not accustom to sewing on knits so there was a lot of unpicking and resewing :p  It turned out WAY cute though ;D ...and only $6!  I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby, without a coupon!  I'll go get more fabric with a coupon for extra savings.


  1. So many lovely projects! Adorable quilt!

  2. Yaaaay, for you win! The quilts are coming along awesome! And the skirt looks gorgeous! Even though I have to sew knits... they just don't know how to behave! :) Great job, it looks really pretty on her!

    1. I bought fabric to make myself a skirt :) It's gonna be long!


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