Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The End is in SIGHT!!!

I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could...
and I did it!  The top AND the back for the Retro Flower quilt are FINIshED!!  Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?, seriously, I want a BUNCH of WhOPP WHOOP comments ;D
So, in honor of this GREAT occasion, I have WAY too many pictures and a few comments to explain them.  Get your diet Pepsi and sit back and enjoy ;)

In order to sew everybody together correctly, I start by laying the little families out in their cute little blocks :)  The directional prints are especially important :)

Now I sew everybody into pairs in long pretty chains :)  I LOVE chain piecing.  It looks so cool.  Do you think I could decorate my living room with chain pieced fabric?

Now I have all of these cute pairs cut into their block wanting to be pieced.

After they are pressed, they are laid right sides together waiting to be sewed into a completed petal.

Look how many there are :)

Here are the pretty chains of pieced of the petal blocks.  I really am serious about decorating with these ;)  My hubby will LOVE it!

The following two pictures are of the pairs waiting to be pressed.  Oh how excited they are!

Ta Da!!!  Look how happy they are!  They are pressed and can hardly wait to be a whole quilt :)

Now for some REALLY cool magic, the quilt top is FInISHED!!  :D  I am guessing I was as excited as the fabric was to get done and forgot to take MORE weird pictures ;)

I am SO happy that this bad boy is done!  Here are some shots of the back.  I pieced two different fabrics for the back.  I LOVE the pink birds.  They make me SUPER happy!

Here is the back with the front to give a bit of scale.  The petal blocks are 6-1/2 inches.  Each flower is made up of 4 petals.

Tomorrow, this quilt is going down for good!  I am SUPER excited.  ...on a sadder note, I am totally clueless as to how to bind it, or I should say with what to bind it.  Any thoughts?


  1. Wahoo!!!! You did it!!!! Yay for you!!! You were so brave to even consider such a quilt, and here you are with a completed top! Awesome. I love the fabrics you chose. Hmmmm... as for binding fabric, what about using the darker red/pink fabric (the one that's in the bottom right corner in your whole top picture.) Just a thought.

    Congratulations on this major accomplishment! : )

  2. Marion, once again you impressed me! You keep being so inspiring to me! Too bad you always post in the hours I'm asleep already :( I can only see your masterworks in the morning. I love your quilt and never realized these are such huge blocks. I would bind it with the scrap petal fabrics to be honest. Nothing fancy and the fabrics would match perfectly. Can't wait to see it quilted! Oh, and finally... here's a WHOOP WHOOP!! for you!! Cheers! :)


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