Thursday, May 10, 2012

Funny Quilt Top Photo Shoot

I just finished Dave's Surf Shop so we headed out to take pictures.  The quilt model is my 15 year old.  The quilt is nearly 7 feet long... my daughter is close to 6' tall :)  The wind was blowing and the sun was shining... we had a GREAT time :)  Here are the photos :)

 How about some pictures with the sun coming from the back....
 As it would go, not only was the sun coming from behind, but so was the wind! ;P

 Ahh, a little calm in the storm :)

 "Are we finished yet?  My arms hurt!"

I plan to baste this tonight and hopefully get some quilting started.

PS- I am linking this post up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict WHOOP WhOOP!!


  1. It looks great! I love the shot when you can see her silhouette through :) It's gonna look awesome quilted, I know it! :)

    1. Thanks, kati! We sure had a ton of fun!

  2. We have a family friend who loves to surf. I might have to make him a quilt like this :-)

    1. It was pretty simple to make. I did have to made a few modifications, so if you do use the pattern I have a few pointers ;D


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