Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm sort of lost...

Seriously, I can't exactly remember what is what at this moment... but here is what I have pictures of and the things that I recall about them ;D
Tuesday, I think, I found my son curled up with his newly completed blankie on the sofa :)

How cute is that?  It might be the best compliment EVER!!!   On the floor by him was his old "Stars and Moon" blanket.  It was given to him at a church meeting when he was a baby.  As we were walking out and old gentleman approached me and asked if he could give my son a blanket.  I said, "Yes" of course and that is how we came to have the "Stars and Moon" blankie :)  Here it is in all of its tattered glory.

I think that wraps up Tuesday :)  On Wednesday I dove into DH's quilt.  I pieced it all up.  I had to make a few modifications to the pattern for my feeble sewing skill ;P

I just have to add the final border and get that bad boy quilted.  I'll have to add a little to the ends to make it long enough for him.  We don't do short quilts around here ;)  Too much potential for length!
I did get my shipment of minky in the mail :)  I ordered grey and navy, 5 yards each.  These are two colors that Hobby Lobby does not carry :p  I haven't decided which color to put on the back of his.  I'd like to ask him, but I really want this to be a surprise.  He will be gone till late tonight and then on a camp out friday night, so I should have plenty of time to get it all finished by the time he gets home Saturday, which is his birthday :)
I am off to lunch with my sister :)


  1. That picture of your son sleeping with his quilt is so adorable! It truly is the best compliment you could ever get! I love DH's quilt also. Are they skate boards? How did you make it so fast?? I really like both your quilts!

    1. Thanks Rosemary :) My hubbies quilt is surf boards, although for him, skateboards would work too ;D Either activities are a few decades ago for him anyway ;)
      I'm not sure how I get the quilts done so fast... I guess I am totally addicted to quilting and am a huge homebody :) I have recently discovered that I LOVE to be home all alone :)


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