Friday, May 4, 2012

Kindle Fire Cover for Myra

Sweet Myra of She Taught me to LOVE it! asked me how I made my kindle fire cover.  I got the fire for Christmas and immediately started a search for a cover.  The covers were all sold out, UGLY and WAY too expensive so I started to search for one I could make.
Before I get to the Kindle cover, I want to do some bragging on Myra.  We met about 22 years ago when we moved into the same apartment complex right after we got married in 1990.  I don't remember all of the details of how we actually met, but I do know that we became fast friends.  Even though our lives took us away from those "Honeymoon" apartment days, I have always loved Myra and think of her often.  You'll see that I have some pretty good reminders :)
When my oldest daughter was born Myra made me this from a picture that I clipped out of a magazine...

She even signed it :)

When we had our next baby, I wanted a cradle for her.  My hubby made one and Myra painted it for us :)

The only credit I can take was that it was my idea to turn the chair design into a cradle.  I think I did the base painting... maybe, if I remember correctly ;)
Myra has made me so many things, but the only other things I could find were these bottles she made for my first two children...

They are SO wonderful.  She put all of their birth stats on them with that cool (new at the time) puffy paint.

So on to Myra's request.  You can see how I can't deny her :)  The big problem is that I can't remember how I made the Kindle Fire cover exactly, or at all.  Right before I was hit by the car while out for my morning run 18 months ago, I suffered a concussion from a falling tree branch.  These two things combined together have made my memory REALLY bad.  Blogging is my new way to remember what I am doing with my time ;)  Brain injury is pretty lame :p  I wish I would have forgotten how to eat....  anyway... I told Myra I would take a bunch of picture of my cover and hopefully that will help her out :)
Here goes.... (sorry my camera isn't very good :()

While the elastic was placed flush with the backing, no extra room, the ric rac was sewn in with slack so the kindle would fit in nicely and yet snugly. 

The right side is raw edge appliqued with the elastic and ric rac stitched down underneath.    I should have used black elastic and it should have been placed right up to the top edge.

I sewed the ribbon on before I sewed the inside to the outside.

This was meant as a pocket, but it is great for holding the kindle.  It is raw edged appliqued around 3 sides.  the open side is hemmed with a zigzag stitch.

The black band is just a hair elastic ;)  The green fabric is a faux suede.  To made the cover stiff, I used a double layer of "shirt boxes" left over from Christmas day :)  The top stitch around the edge goes through the boxes.  The boxes are cut in two pieces and they are only as big as the front and the back.  The edge fold is soft.
Please put any questions in the comments and I will try to answer them :)


  1. Super Kindle it! So wonderful to have talented and kind friends!

    1. thanks, Deborah! Myra is AWESOME! I need to find the dresses that she made my oldest when she was a baby. Myra can sew like nobodies business!

  2. Holy Cow! I didn't even remember making those things! But I do now! How fun that you still have them. : ) You are a total sweetheart to speak so kindly of me. I feel very honored. : )

    It's hard to believe that we first met that long ago! I know our hubbies and kids have all gotten older, but it's a good thing we haven't! ; ) I think it's really amazing how we've connected up again after so many years!

    I love the kindle cover. It's the nicest one I've seen. I certainly hope I have time to make one before next weekend! We shall see. Thanks so much for taking the time to take more pictures and explain it more. You are wonderful!

    And I love how you put your rainbow quilt as a background for your blog. Love that quilt!

    Have a great day!

    1. It has been a while! We for sure look better now than ever ;D The kindle cover really didn't take that long at all to make. I still think of you whenever I do a corner. You were the first person I ever saw make such nice corners! So even and perfect!

  3. Cool kindle cover! I have a regular kindle and I wasn't as creative as you. I had the same issue of not finding a nice enough cover for it and I was definitely not going to pay $40 for one. I made a simple zipper pouch from one of the batik fabrics from my stash and still store it in there and love it. I wish I would've made something like yours, maybe a later day I'll try it to see how it works out. You're really special to have friends like Myra in your life!

    1. Thanks Kati! Myra pretty much ROCKS! :)

  4. How do you like your kindle fire? I thought about buying one, but don't know anyone who has one. What application do you use to purchase all your apps with? I had a traumatic brain injury also. It is a great idea to blog about your life to help you remember. I may have to try this. Great cover.

    1. I LOVE my kindle fire. My hubby and I both have one and it works well for us. As for apps, there is an app store on the fire where we get our apps. The only draw backs we have encountered are that there is no sd slot or camera. I am ok without both, but my hubby is grumpy about the sd slot thing ;D You also have to rely on wi-fi for internet, which is ok for us as we are too cheap to pay for 3g/4g ;) I hope that helps :)

  5. Oh, love the bunny chair and cradle.
    And, you are absolutely correct; brain injury is the pits. (I'm two months into my journey.)

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, Dora! :p It's hard to deal with life anyway, but throw in brain issues and NO FUN!
      Myra is pretty talented and the chair and cradle are my favorite things in my living room, maybe even my whole house!


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