Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Sunday :)

Today is a nice relaxing day :)  I got to sleep in :)  I had a HUGE breakfast :)  (I am following Bob's Skinny Rules book)  I was asked to speak in another church (LDS ward) this morning and so I stayed and attended all of their meetings.  I had this ward scheduled for a visit anyway, so it worked out great :)
Last night I knitted while we watched several of the Harry Potter movies.  The movies reminded me how much I LOVED those books.  I am knitting a basket weave baby blanket.  It is soft and pretty and made from the AWESOME yarn that my neighbor Suzy gave me for my birthday.  I plan to knit today too :)
At 5:00 we are giving the quilt to our church leader :)  I am very excited!
Here are a few pictures of the baby blanket :)

I am using a large adjustable knitting needle of Suzys.  It's pretty cool!  I many have to buy one for myself :)

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