Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday much to do... so little time...

Yesterday, my head was still tender, so I just chilled.  I did get all of my curved petal pieces pinned, sewed and pressed :)

Now I am working on sewing the sashing on the square petal pieces...
So here is what I've got simmering on my burners...
I've GOT to baste and quilt Corrine's quilt.  It is driving me NUTS that this is not finished.  As soon as I finish this post, that is where I am heading.  I can finish my quilt later.  I've got to get this bad boy DOnE!!
Here is the other spur in my boot...

Ashley's quilt.  I was thinking that I'd give it to her for her birthday in July, but on second thought, I think it will be her graduation present.  I've got to get it off of my "to do" list.  I don't like a long WIP list.  It makes me anxious and I feel like I am accomplishing nothing.
Also on my WIP list is some sort of knitting project out of the AWESOME yarn I got for my birthday from Suzy...
I am thinking a throw.  Here is what I have so far... DO NOT LAUGH!!!
I'm going to have to undo it and get longer needles, but I have been playing with a pattern to see if I like it.  This is a "no hurry" project, like the Retro Flower quilt is going to have to be.  I can live with a few of those, for a period of time, but not too many.  I am always in a hurry and I want everything done NOW ;D  My poor kids :(
Oh, I have to get my hubbies quilt finished for his birthday next week.
I am using Emily Herrick's brilliant "Going Coastal" to make her equally brilliant quilt "Surf Shop" quilt for him.  He's going to LOVE it!  THANK YOU, Emily for the pattern.  I am SO excited to make this quilt :)  I am also making the same quilt, different fabric, for my nephews room.  I need to do some figuring for fabric as it is for a twin sized bed.   ....another thing on my list :)

So here is the action plan for the week.  I am going to get Corrine's quilt basted and start quilting on it today.  I'd like to have it all finished by tomorrow night.  100% possible.  I need a big finish for this week.

I'll work on David's quilt Saturday while he is at work.  I can probably get it cut and the top pieced.  Quilting can be done next week while he is at work.
I am sure there are more plans that need to be made, but these will work for now :)
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  1. Love the quilts you are working on. Such great patterns. You're doing so good after having a migraine. I find them hard to bounce back from.

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! I'm sorry you know the migraine bologna! Yes, migraines are STinkERs, most of the time I can just muscle through them... after nearly 30 years of dealing with them, I've had to :p This one was worse than usual :( It was nice this morning to not feel like my brain was bruised :D


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