Thursday, May 17, 2012


What do you call a day where someone needs stitches before 8:30am?  You call that "normal" at MY house ;)
So, I am sitting in the living room, I have no recollection doing what, and I hear 2 boys screaming and crying and another boy yelling something.  I know it is my boys making all the racket, but no clue as to the issue causing such a commotion!   Before I can get out to see who is up to what they meet me wailing, I see the BLOOD!  My 6 year old is crying because his head is cut, my 8 year old is crying because there is blood coming out of his brothers head and my 11 year old is shouting, trying to find out what is going on.  Now, before you get too worried about my 6 year old's head, he is fine.  Apparently, my boys decided to hang a brick from the top of the play-scape... brilliant, hugh?  From what we can gather from traumatized little boys, it slipped out of its rope and knocked little brother on top of the head.

 It was just a bit longer than a 1/2 inch long and quit bleeding pretty quickly.

Here it is all stitched up.  Three Frankenstein stitches, just the way we like them.

He's got a nice little bald spot right on top of his head just in time for kindergarten graduation pictures! :)

Once we got back from all of that fun at the doctors office, yep, we got to cut in line at the doctors office... blood will do that for ya!... now what was I saying, oh yeah, what I did when I got home.  Well, I basted the  retro flower quilt....
 Here is the first step in making my quilt sandwich.  I lay out the batting and then smooth the top out.
 This quilt really liked to be smoothed to the batting.  It clung to it nicely :)

 Here is the quilt all basted.  I really like how it looks with all of the pins, so please excuse all of the pictures.

Here is the quilt as it is being quilted.  I was going to try some fancy designs, but it looked stupid so I went back to my old stipple standard.

Here is my quilted date.
 Here is my quilted name :)

Here is a sneak peak of the the finished, well, nearly finished quilt.  The binding is sewn on :)

I am so happy this baby is done!  My son even said, "This quilt is FINALLY done??"


  1. Oh wow. Gotta love the grand "brick" ideas our kids have. : ) I'm glad he's ok. Your quilt looks awesome! I bet it's a weight off of your shoulders to have it done. Nice work!

  2. I looked around for ya to taday at MQG and disappointed I didn't see you. I was hoping that you weren't sick...but rather on a nice vacation or something. Now...I see it was neither. I'm glad it all turned out well with the blood, doc and stitches. =)

    That's an awesome quilt you are finishing up!


    1. ooops, I didn't look at your post date...ummm, yeah, I'm crazy. Maybe you were there today...and I just didn't see you. =P

  3. I just read your post now... can you tell how behind I am? Hope the boy is OK with those stitches! I "broke my head" too when I was 6 and they stapled it together. Now I'm a few years older and the scar still splits my hair in 2 in the spot :) And it was on the day when my Mom and Dad hired a professional photographer to come to the house to take some family photos. How about that? :))) I "only" fell off the bunk bed. And hit the corner of the desk. With my head. Yes :)
    Anyway... I'm glad your retro flower quilt is FINISHED! I wanted to ask you... did you buy the pattern or found a tutorial somewhere? I saw the pattern somewhere for $10 for a PDF download. Please help me! :) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend (It's Sat night here)!


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