Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Basting, Binding and Quilting

Monday I was still not feeling tip top :(  I mostly just chilled.  I did sew the binding on a couple of Thanksgiving table runners for a friend :) ..and wash a million loads of laundry!

Today, I am feeling better, but worn out :p  I was able to baste both my son and my daughters quilts today.

I also mailed off my sisters pillow shams.  I am SO sad to send them on their way!!!

I finished the quilting on my son's birthday quilt and started in on the fmq for my daughters Christmas quilt.

My son is getting a pixelated quilting because, frankly, I couldn't thing of anything else.

My daughter requested  fmq daisies.
(Yes, I know Christmas presents are supposed to be a surprise, but she is a Smart Derrière and walked in while I was working on it last week and just keeps taunting me about it.  I told her she was not getting anything from me, let alone an AWESOME quilt!!!  Sheesh... fifteen year olds!!!)

(I have sworn off swearing, does it count if I swear in french?)

I need to clean the house right now, but I really want a nap :)

For dinner I think I am going to make Chicken Spenchilada!  It's a family favorite :)  (for some reason, one of my kids called enchilada "Spenchilada" and it stuck)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. I like pixelated quilting and it's a great choice for a guy. =)

    My daughter swears with *#%@. I told her it still counts. =) lol!


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