Saturday, November 17, 2012

...AND Topped!!!

Yep, you read correctly, I finished ONE MORE TOP!!

(That makes THREE, in case you weren't counting)

I am super happy :D

I was able to get my son's birthday quilt top finished Friday evening!!!!  Going Coastal and Shore Thing are the fabrics of choice in this super fun quilt top :)  GO Emily!!!

This quilt was inspired by a quilt called "Reflections" by Sharon of Fabrics n' Flowers.  I saw a link to her quilt on the 100 Day Hustle linky party.  You may buy the pattern HERE from Sharon :) 

I had actually designed and started making the quilt before I realized that this quilt was a pattern that Sharon sold :(   I suppose that I should actually READ blog posts instead of just looking at the pretty pictures ;)

The blue lobsters with the orange background are my favorite!!! (can you find it?)
My son's favorite print is the sail boats below :)

I don't think that my measurements are the same as Sharon's original  because she makes reference to it being a charm square quilt and my interpretation uses much larger blocks that get sashed and chopped ;D
My chopped print is larger than 5".

A pretty stack of BIG blocks.

A cute sail boat chopped block :)

Now for the second thing I crammed in...

Konda gave me 2 mini charm packs of Marmalade.  I turned them into the CUTEST granny squares I have EVER seen :)

I am currently in negotiations with Konda to get my hands on one more mini charm pack so I can make these into the CUTEST baby blanket EVER!!!

Konda says I can have one or two more, but I have to be nice to her.... hmmmm, I wonder if I can swing that? ;D

You know I can, Baby!!!


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