Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just Keep Sewing.... (you know, like Dory)

People ask me all of the time how I get so much done.  Well, here is the truth of the matter, I HATE HAVING THINGS ON MY TO-DO LIST!!!  For YEARS, I have had my Christmas ALL finished before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the WHOLE holiday season without stress.

Why?  Well, I REALLY hate shopping, to tell you the truth ;D  ...but seriously, here is how I see it.  When there is something that needs to be done, it requires the same amount of work to accomplish it whether you do it now or later.  If it is done last minute, there is a TON of additional stress that is not there if the chore is finished earlier.  So WHY ON EARTH would I put things off until last minute if there is another, more sane and peaceful way to do it???

Now, I know that there are often times when we just can't help that things are last minute.  I get that.  It happens to me.  When this does happen, I break out my CHOP CHOP action and start cutting stuff out.  If it can possibly go by the wayside, the chore is given the BOOT!!  Maybe I just have such a bad reaction to stress that I have needed to adapt and learn how to do this, but I have to say, I am MUCH happier for learning this skill :)  Enough rambling :)

Here is what I sewed on Monday :)

..and half of the "?" block :)  Two and a half more blocks to go!!!
Angela's QAL ROCKS!

I had to stop with the Mario stuff because my hubby came home and I really wanted to watch The Amazing Spiderman with my family!!!  ....so I hand bound my friends DARLING baby quilt.

Brittany made this quilt and it is SPECTACULAR!!!!  She had a baby last week just couldn't get the binding sewn on :\

She paper pieced the dragon flies :)

They are three dimensional!!!

Brittany did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!


  1. Hi Marion - your hubby is going to LOVE his Mario quilt. I so admire your ability to 'de-stress' and get so much done. Something else I need to learn! I'm really trying to finish up my wips so I can work on something new. I enjoy reading your blog every day - as I've said before - you give me inspiration! Jani

  2. Cool 3D butterflies, they look so pretty in pink and brown! Thanks for the tip because I'm the biggest procrastinator hands down. And when I do something last minute I always think about why didn't I do this earlier, it would've taken the same amount of time! Oh, well! You're totally right about the stress not being there when you do something right away.

  3. Other than the fact that you hate shopping (*gasp*) I feel the same way! I finished the last of the "have tos" for Christmas last night and anything from now on is gravy. I hate feeling pressured. Now I'm not perfect and there is one quilt halfway finished in a plastic bin but it's not "due" until May so I can pull it back out in Januar. Until then, sewing is strictly for pleasure! Enjoy your day.

  4. I really hate shopping too. The last few years most Christmas shopping has been done on the internet in about an hour with a few quick stops to real stores to pick up the other items.

    But I find that overall, hating shopping saves money, and I like that. :)


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