Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patchwork Monogram Tutorial

A friend suggested I do a tutorial for how to make the applique monogram.

Anna showed us an example and told us how to do it.

Here is how you can make your own :)

You can frame the monogram, add it to the back of a quilt or to a quilt block.

See this quilt with a monogram block  HERE

Here is how to do it :)

#1 Go into your favorite word processing program.  Chose the letter you want and the font.  Make it SUPER big.  This font is 650.  (Try not to choose one that is too "skinny")

#2 Print it out.

#3  Once it is printed out, you will need to turn it over and trace it. (I use a sharpie)

#4  On the original paper, make lines where the patches will go.
Be sure to number them.

#5  Next, lay your favorite fusible web, Wonder Under, Steam a Seam, or whatever over the backwards letter.  Trace the backwards letter onto it.

#6  Trace the lines and numbers onto the fusible web.

#7  Now cut them out.

Be sure to cut around the lines, and not on the lines... except for the lines inside the letter.

#8  Remove the backing paper and iron your pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric. (Follow the manufacturers instructions for your brand of fusible web)

#9  Now it's time to cut out your pieces. 

#10  Before you peel off the paper, lay out your pieces to chose where you would like them to go.

#11  Now peel off the backing and start to place them and press them in place.

#12  Once they are all pressed in place, stitch in place with your method of choice.

I used a narrow zig zag.

This K went on the back of my daughters Katie-Bug quilt.

When I put the monogram onto a block, I wait to trim the block until after I have adhered the letter and sewed it in place first.

Happy Monogramming :)


  1. You're the boss! Nice tutorial. : )

  2. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing it. I am going to do it on the back of a quilt I'm working on now.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! It's a super cute idea!!

  4. i love this idea. will come in handy for the "initial it" mugrug swap that i am hosting.


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