Thursday, November 29, 2012

MaryAnne's Denim Quilts

Saturday I started to to work on the quilts I am making for my mom's friend, MaryAnne.  I have known MaryAnne pretty much my whole life :)  I love her dearly!

She has been saving her kids jeans forEVER and is having me make quilts for Christmas for her children.

She mailed me 5-1/2" squares cut out of each child's jeans and 12+ yards of the backing and sashing fabric.

I am working on one quilt at a time so I don't mix up the different jeans.

They are all going to be very much the same.  I got Emileigh's top and back finished Saturday :D

Chain piecing blocks and sashing.

Pressed blocks ready for trimming.

There are 80, 7-1/2" blocks.

Here is the top all sewn. 

MaryAnne has embroidered a special block for each of her children. 

Since I have been on an monogram kick, I decided to add one to the back of each quilt.

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  1. Those are going to very fun quilts for the recipients! They will love them! You are doing a great job :)


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