Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Mario Progress....

Shy Guy all long!

Shy Guy half way sewn.

Shy Guy complete :D

Turtle Shell on the way.

Half Shell

Turtle shell finished :)

Did you know that Turtle Shells are a leading cause of car crashes?

I am trying to sew these when he is not home.  This is proving to be difficult with him being unemployed and all.  I am having to be REALLY sly and tricky!  I had to toss the half way sewn turtle shell under the sewing table when he surprised me by coming home early and QUIETLY!!!  I need to install bells on the doors ;D

Five down, 7 to go.  Thursday and Friday, April and Annette are coming over for sew days :)  Hopefully all of the girls in the house will scare off my hubby ;D

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  1. LOVING these blocks! Can't wait to see the completed top. I grew up playing the original mario brothers, so this is bringing back a lot of fond memories!


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