Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage Handle Fabric

The story of the straps :)  It's such a romantic and fantastical story :)

So a few weeks ago, I was trying to find a back for my Rainbow Fishes quilt.  I called my good buddy April to see if she had some fabric that might work.  You see, April received a LARGE box FULL of really OLD fabric from good friend of hers a while back.  I knew that most was a bit funky, but had hoped that something might work.  Anyhoots, she brought me over 4 different fabrics.

All funky and fun! ;D

I ended up using an old piece of fabric from my sil's grandmothers attic for the back of Rainbow Fishes.  Aprils fabric got shoved in my fabric wardrobe of terror until her return from Market.

Fast forward to yesterday when I needed some strap fabric for my new AWESOME Jennifer Paganelli Travel Duffle.  (So, totally off topic, but if duffle spelled duffle or duffel???  I have seen it both ways and I cannot get a straight answer.  Is there an answer or shall I be forever in the dark???) ...wait, where was I... oh yes, duffle/duffel straps.  So, what shall I do?  I had already busted into the "vintage" pile of fabric for the lining of the exterior zippered pockets of the duffle.  Could there be a possible handle fabric in the lot too?

Well, as my daughter and I auditioned different strap fabric that I had, there happened to be a scrap of the turquiose/blue/floral/gold stripe fabric laying on the floor.  Might it work?  NO!  ...well, maybe...  YES, I think it might be the PERFECT fabric.

I showed it to April yesterday and she couldn't believe how perfectly it goes with the Happy Land line.  One of my daughters says that the straps ruin the bag.  I think she is a PUNK ;D

So what do you think of my selection? (I promise I won't call you a punk if you don't like it...well, at least to your face ;) xoxo

The selvage reads, "Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers Textiles., INC"


  1. According to, it's 'duffel'. However, I typed in 'duffle' and it didn't tell me I had incorrectly spelled it. It just came up with a definition under the 'duffel' spelling. : )

  2. I absolutely the this bag--the fabrics are so cute! Linda

  3. I think your fabric choice for the handles is perfect. What a beautiful bag! I will be making a duffle bag for my sister for Christmas. I use Simplicity 2274.... have made it several times, but this time I am using the quilt as you go method that you used on the Weekender bag.

  4. I actually love the strap fabric and before I read this post I thought it was part of the collection you were using.


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